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Episode 26, Season One, A Reversal of Fortune, December 16, 2017

Greetings Listeners and Visitors!

In this week’s podcast we hear messages from the Nine of Swords — Reversed! We cover Yule Log making, the New Moon Rising in Sagittarius — since the sun is in Sag, too, it makes for an epic time for lots of socializing, which is good timing given the holiDAZE, as Runa likes to say. The Wheel of the Year finds us celebrating the dark days, including Krampus. We whip up a quick meal in the cauldrons for this crazy time of year. Julia from Le Noir Bazaar is our Pagan Connections guest (the maker of MareLin’s wonderful priestess headdress). We talk about giving 15 minutes a day towards decluttering. Our Old Ones’ Wisdom talks about dismantling the patriarchy and you get some homework with the Spell of the Week.

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Blessed Be,

Runa & MareLin

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