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Cauldron Cooking: Simmering Aromatherapy Pot on the Stove

I wanted to give everyone a tip to help them get through the last days of winter here. You can put your cauldron on your wood stove or your conventional stove and fill it with water and some spices or potpourri and just let it simmer and fill your space with goodness. A bit of natural aromatherapy. These are the toughest days of winter. All the holidays are over, and we’re in this limbo period. Even with the days getting longer, people are fed up with winter and feeling down.

If you’re having problems concentrating — add some citrus slices to your slow simmering water. Just be sure to not forget it’s there and turn off the stove or remove the pan before all the water runs out. I use my wood stove, so it slowly simmers while the wood fire burns and I have to watch it less frequently then on a conventional stove-top.

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