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Cauldron Cooking: Avocado Toast with Poached Duck Egg

Avocado Toast with Poached Duck Egg

Some days you just need a little boost. This recipe is great both for its nutrition and for the intention of garnering more support in your life. As you stir the water for the poached eggs, imagine a swirling force of love and support embracing you. See it and after you eat this meal, watch it manifest.

Be sure to have a slotted spoon and your duck eggs at room temperature. When making this recipe, I take the eggs out first and let them sit on the counter while I get the water ready to boil in the pan.

This recipe serves two people and makes a great brunch or hearty breakfast before a long-day of Saturday house cleaning or lawn maintenance.


Three simple ingredients that provide super nutrition.

Two slices of hearty whole grain bread (I like Dave’s Killer Bread; but any that have more fiber than sugar and sans high fructose corn syrup will do)

One fresh avocado

Two farm-fresh duck eggs (feel free to use chicken; but the duck eggs give you that boost you need in this cooking magic; you can find duck eggs in many farm-to-table markets)

Room temperature eggs in their own bowls make making poached eggs easier.

2 tsp of white vinegar

salt and pepper to taste

a small bit of butter (optional)


Gather all your ingredients together first. If you’re doing this kitchen magic to help garner not just physical support to your body, but also some emotional and spiritual support from family, friends, or the universe, you don’t want to be frazzled when you do this. Fill a sauce pan on the stove with cold water. You can add a pinch of salt to the water and the two teaspoons of white vinegar. Set to boil.

While the water boils, crack each egg into their own bowl and set near stove.Toast your bread. Once toast is ready, butter if desired (optional); then cut the avocado in half and scoop one half of the avocado on one piece of the toast. A spoon works just fine.

Clockwise in multiples of 13 putting in the intention that you want more warm support in your life.

When the water boils in your pot, stir the water with the slotted spoon. Go clockwise, imagining the world spinning happily, put in the intention that you want with support being the focus. Stir at least 26 times (I like to stir in multiples of 13). Then when the little water of tornado is spinning, free the spoon and drop your eggs in the pan. The salt and vinegar help the water not boil over, but don’t leave the stove please, and do knock the temp of your burner just a tad. Set the timer for two minutes.

After two minutes you should have two little lovely white moons of poached eggs. Use the slotted spoon to scoop your eggs out and put on toast. Serve immediately.


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