Episode 37, Season One, Two Times A Charm Blue Moon, March 31, 2018

The Queen of Cups and The Emperor double date with MareLin & Runa this week. Mimosas all around!

Greetings our fellow Country Dwellers:

This week, MareLin is feeling better and she and Runa enjoy the company of the Queen of Cups once again, along with a visit from The Emperor. We talk Fey, City Chicken, and Capricorn Blue Moon and Crystals. As always we leave you with Old Ones’ Wisdom and a Spell of the Week. A quick note:  Pagan Connection will return hopefully next week. We’ve had some technical difficulties making this portion of our podcast happen. But we will not be ruined by Mercury Retrograde and shall overcome. Regardless, we fill up nearly an hour of discussion on pagan-centric topics.

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Chakra Class with MareLin


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