Ravens Visit, Quiet Time, & Crone’s Wisdom, Episode 9, August 12, 2017

This week’s Tarot card reading is for the Moon Card. Start singing Moon Shadow right now! 😉

First off, please wish MareLin well. Keep her in your thoughts, intentions, and meditations. She’s been a bit too ill. She’s resting now and should be on the mend soon. But, she toughed it out and did our podcast anyway. Good on ya, witch! Be well.

This week’s podcast, besides illness subduing MareLin, includes a reading of the Moon Card, herbalism discussions, including things to do with echinacea, calendula, camomile, feverfew, and valerian. There’s an Aries Moon that could make things ripe for arguments, but should produce some good internal magick workings. There’s still a universe of retrograde going on, so listen up. Good time to watch the heavens as the Perseid meteor shower is making an appearance, and of course there’s the solar eclipse coming up and we’re in that event’s shadow now.

We’ve opened up our platform here to provide a community for pagans, especially in our local area. We talk about events at Our Lady Of The Earth And Sky as well as The Old Tree Metaphysical Shoppe & Healing Space. We give you a recipe for Roasted Tomato Bruschetta Topping for sharing at such events, as well as our spell of the week.

Again, please leave a comment, question, or content request here. We’ll happily respond to you here or on our podcast.

Blessed Be,

Runa & MareLin

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