Season 3, Episode 11

Never Too Late to Celebrate

The season is very heavy and self-care is a priority. Join MareLin and Runa for our Samhain Episode… Not too late. With the election coming up, things are heavy and election protection spells are on many a mind of the pagan community. We talk about Time and how its passage affects our magic, especially where Ancestors are concerned. We talk about the start of Scorpio season. We talk about self-care focuses, R3, a spell of the day and a tarot reading for the collective.

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Moving Forward To Action – Episode 16, Season 1, Country Dwellers Podcast

The Queen of Swords wants a word with you.

Hello all you magickal beings!

This week we let you know that we’ll be at Puget Sound Pagan Pride next weekend, both Saturday and Sunday. We talk about Runa’s transition from hedge witch to sea witch. The Queen of Swords visits us. The Moon is in the sign of Aquarius and we talk about what that means for your magick making. We ready for Samhain, make up some Rhubarb Sauce, and answer listener questions in both the witch’s almanac and the wheel of the year portions of our podcast. Then we leave you with ancient one’s wisdom and a very powerful spell of the week. Have a listen, won’t you? And feel free to share this podcast and site with all your friends.

Again, please leave a comment, question, or content request here. We’ll happily respond to you here or on our podcast.

Blessed Be,

Runa & MareLin

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