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Season 3, Episode 12

Heritage Day

Heritage Day. What is it & where can you find out more about it?! Take a Listen! A Huge Shout out to a Special Lady!! And as always we talk self care, R3, Witches Brew, Tarot for the Collective, and leave you with a Spell. Special recognition of paintedgoddess.com

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Season 3, Episode 11

Never Too Late to Celebrate

The season is very heavy and self-care is a priority. Join MareLin and Runa for our Samhain Episode… Not too late. With the election coming up, things are heavy and election protection spells are on many a mind of the pagan community. We talk about Time and how its passage affects our magic, especially where Ancestors are concerned. We talk about the start of Scorpio season. We talk about self-care focuses, R3, a spell of the day and a tarot reading for the collective.

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Season 3, Episode 9

The Reality of Shadow Beauty

In this episode we talk about the reality of Shadow work and it’s not necessarily what every witch thinks. Canceling things in life as we’re just barely out of New Moon is well, the angst of the times is thick and brutal. We’re all burning sage like banshees. But it’s the season of the witch and all the planetary influences are all about transitions. We brew up some detox and talk about buying nothing so we’re reducing our impact on the planet. We pull a tarot card for the collective and leave you with a healing spell. Tell us about your transformations for this time of year.

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Season 3, Episode 2

Virgo Season & Bloom Where You’re Planted

In this episode we talk about the moon in Sagittarius, the illusion of Virgo control, we take a hard line on Witches healing the planet and introduce a new segment to the podcast: R3 (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), we pull Tarot cards (of course!), we talk about our yoga practice and how at this time focuses on hips is a good idea. We talk about Runa’s Magical Flea Market, and leave you with a spell.

Vinegar rinse:

Supplies needed:

Leftover citrus

White vinegar

Food coloring (optional)

Quart-sized Glass Jar (Mason or otherwise, must be cleaned and sterilized)

Fermenting spring and lid or any cover

Instructions: put leftover citrus (lemon, lime, orange, grapefruit) into jar and cover with distilled white vinegar. Let sit in a warm, dark place for two weeks. Strain citrus and then use solution to as a rinse aid in dishwasher, to clean windows, rinse your hair, cleaning. You name it! Comment below if you’ve made this Witch’s Brew and how you used it!

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Season 3, Episode 1

Winging It and Making Apple Cider Vinegar

MareLin and Runa finally get their two separate worlds — one solitary, one PNW High Priestess — to merge once again. We catch up on All the Things, pull some cards, make some Apple Cider Vinegar (recipe below).

Apple Cider Vinegar (ACV):

Supplies needed:

Glass Quart Jar (cleaned and sterilized — does not need to be mason jar, can be an old pickle jar, whatever you have)

fermentation spring and lid — or an old clean tea towel or coffee filter and rubber band.

Enough apple scraps to fill 2/3 of the jar (Runa makes ACV each time she peels an apple or makes pie, etc.)

1 tsp sugar

Water (unchlorinated) ~about 1 1/3 cup.

Instructions: Fill jar with apple scraps 2/3 full. This can include skin, core, seeds, all of it. Add sugar to water and stir until mostly dissolved. Pour sugar water to 1/2″ head space of jar. Put in fermentation spring and lid or cover with clean tea towel and rubber band. Set in a warm dark place for two weeks.

You may stir it every couple of days and skim any scum that floats to the top.

Once two weeks have passed, strain the scraps from the liquid. You may feed said scraps to chickens or pigs, they love it! And the probiotic is good for them.

Set the strained liquid aside for another two to four weeks. I check for that nice vinegar tang after two weeks. Once you are happy with the taste of it, you can put a lid on it and store it in the fridge as long as you like. It will not go bad.

If by chance your vinegar develops a gelatinous blob, congrats! you’ve created a “vinegar mother” and this mother can be used to make future vinegar batches. You can store in your vinegar and just remove it when you want to make a new batch of ACV.

Use your DIY ACV for cooking, cleaning and everything in between, except canning. Do not use your DIY ACV for canning, unless you are a chemist and can test your ACV for its acetic acid level of 5 percent.

Comment below if you’ve used this recipe and how it turned out!