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Season 3, Episode 7

Samhain Preparations

In this episode we talk about the first of the four major Sabbats for witches, Samhain and how each of us is preparing for it. We talk about our current spell work, and share an easy witches brew, and our R3 focuses. The veil is thinning and we’re both feeling it. How about you?

Posted by Runa Troy on

Episode 4, Season 2 – The Veil, The Messages, and One Silly Witch – September 29, 2018

The handsome King of Swords stops by with a message this week.

Greetings listeners!

This episode we are visited by that handsome lad, The King of Swords. Then we discuss the thinning of the veil, recent visits and messages from the spirit realm, and Runa having a super silly, derp hedge-witch moment. Leave a comment below and tell us about your thin-veil moments, if you please!

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