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Everything’s In Retrograde – Episode Two – Country Dwellers Podcast

Eight of Cups is our Tarot Card of the Week. To hear the reading as it applies to this week, listen to the podcast below.

Greetings Fellow Country Dwellers!

Thanks again for listening to our podcasts. As will be the usual below is the extras from our podcast you can only find here at CountryDwellers.com.

Seemingly everything is in retrograde, as MareLin explained. If you want to know how it will affect you individually, contact Raven Bella Zingaro.

We at the top of the Wheel of the Year — Summer Solstice! Enjoy.


For those wanting more information about combating slugs — who mind you are still very important to the ecosystem, just not on our broccoli — here’s information about Sluggo, Beer Traps, and Ducks.

For this week’s recipe of Greenie Eggs, just click this link.

Greenie Eggs









Again, please leave a comment, question, or content request here. We’ll happily respond to you here or on our podcast.

Blessed Be,

Runa & MareLin


*Date note:  Income Tax Day for the United States is traditionally on April 15 each year. This past year it was on the 17th because the 15th fell on a weekend. MareLin may have confused a few folks, so we just wanted to make that clear.