Tying Up Loose Ends & Being Fully Present -Episode Three – Country Dwellers Podcast

This week’s Tarot card reading is for the Moon Card. Start singing Moon Shadow right now! 😉

Hello Country Dwellers & Podcast Listeners:

This episode lets you know all about the Moon Card of the Tarot and how you can make a list of things you can do now to work on personal patience during this Libra Gibbous Moon. In this episode we introduce Witchy Self-Care and some words of wisdom from fellow pagans.

We want to first off apologized to the listeners for the background noise in this episode of Runa’s Aquarium. It shouldn’t be a problem in the future; however, we do tend to travel from place to place as we record these podcasts, so one never knows. Just think of it like a bubbling brook at our little internet witchy cottage.

Remember Mercury goes retrograde on July 24th, so take some time now to back up your back ups as far as your data and documents are concerned and start practicing now for clear communication.

Low-Carb Seafood Chowder

Runa’s Chiron Summation was referenced from Britannica.com and Wikipedia.

Summer Recipes coming soon; however, get you some of this good Low-Carb Seafood Chowder, while you can. Here’s some more information on ricing cauliflower. 

And because we just can’t take ourselves too seriously, here’s a little Meme for MareLin’s fear of sharks:

If you’re really interested in doing crabbing pier-side within the Puget Sound, here’s some information.

Remember to take a minute for yourself this week — schedule in self-care if you need to, because it’s so necessary to a healthy, joyful life.

Again, please leave a comment, question, or content request here. We’ll happily respond to you here or on our podcast.

Blessed Be,

Runa & MareLin


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  1. christina
    Runa, you are a Brat! Sharks!!! ❤ MareLin
  2. MareLin
    MareLin here. I have uploaded my Write up for Card and Spell for this episode onto my Website http://theoldtreeshoppe.com/country-dwellers-a-spiritual-journey-pagan-podcast/ I will continue to upload the rest. Enjoy