Episode 40, Season One, Beltane Business, April 28, 2018

The Princess of Wands drops in on us.

Welcome back, listeners! MareLin & Runa are so excited for the warmer business of Beltane. But first we have a visit from the Princess of Wands. Then we discuss the Witch’s Creed. Moon cycle is second quarter waxing Gibbous, or the Moon of Endings, landing in the sign of Libra. As always MareLin tells you what to expect, how to cope, magic to do and crystals to play with during that time. We also play guess that stone as Runa cleans out her witchy studio. Then its Beltane celebrating, cooking, flower-getting, and spell making.

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~MareLin & Runa


Technical Note:  There’s some small audio gremlins in this episode, so please forgive these small glitches. 

Comments ( 2 )

  1. Edith Scheie
    Great podcast! Forgive me for being late to the party. I'm open to being interviewed, if you're interested. I'm in Staten Island, NY, and I've been a witch for 33 years. I also have a psychiatric diagnosis, and I've used skills I learned through my spiritual practice to help me recover.
    • Runa Troy
      We'll be in touch very soon! Thanks so much for listening! BB ~Runa & MareLin