Episode 2, Season 2 – Trenching into Tarot – September 15, 2018

Greetings Listeners!

In this episode we talk about our personal Tarot stories and encourage you to do so right here in the comments section. The best story will win a free Tarot deck, sent with love and light for your best and highest good from MareLin & Runa. We also do a weekly Tarot reading.

Please let us know how you like our new format.

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~MareLin & Runa

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  2. Sarah
    I love the new shortened format, but I do miss the regular check-ins on the moon cycles, tarot card (though we got one this time- thanks!) and spell of the week. Those things made the podcast special and addressed so many different things. I'm for a bit longer podcast continuing to check-in on all the baskets. Thanks for all you do!
    • Runa Troy
      Thanks, Sarah for letting us know what you think. We'll likely include a Tarot with each episode. Thanks for the feedback on the moon cycles and spell of the week. We're constantly discussing what we should include and not, so don't be surprised if we include more of what you love coming up! We appreciate your support and returning to listen. BB ~Runa
  3. Dubbed "Michigan Maiden" and listener since season 1
    Hello my favorite podcast hostesses! I am so very happy to have you back in my kitchen Saturday morning's!! Firstly to Runa, sorry to hear of your father's passing this year. He joined my father on the other side. We lost him 4/7/18 and it's been hell without him and his insight. Sending you love and strength ❤ On to better things now. My tarot story. I was about 12 or 13 when I learned about tarot cards, or rather their existence. I was so enthralled with anything metaphysical and it was new to me (Keep in mind that I belong to a christian family so obviously was/is a big no go!) but I heard the call to the pagan path at that point in life. Anyhow that first deck was a homemade deck from a typical card deck. I had a copy of a small pocket sized book filled with physic readings and advertising bought at the local grocery store. It walked me through how to turn the deck into a make shift tarot deck. You guys, I played with those things ALL the time! Without a detailed explanation book though, it was hard. Eventually I gave up without anyone to guide me still though I kept them. Last year I remembered about them and went on a search. No luck though. They must have been lost in my many moves. I turned to Amazon last year and ordered an Oracle deck just in time for Samhain. I love this deck! The art is simplistic but beautiful and the self guided book is helpful so I took my deck along to an evening with some friends. We played with them for a bit and worked out what things meant. A few days later one of the friends from the evening and her husband were visiting. She was telling me all about how she had told her husband about our tarot/Oracle reading "by the person at the shop"....as it turns out she changed the story since his thoughts are "anyone without extensive practice shouldn't handle anything metaphysical". I wasn't supposed to admit to being the one who worked with the cards in his presence since I'm not a "professional". This all from someone who believes in nothing. No goddess, no god, zero beliefs of any kind...there is life and then darkness. However he had thoughts on who should and should not work with certain items. I'm still clueless as to his stance lol!! Next month there is a girls up north trip planned for Samhain and I plan to wonder around some northern Michigan metaphysical shops to see if I can find my next deck. Who knows what else will call to me!
    • Runa Troy
      Well thank you Michigan Maiden! Appreciate your condolences. Back at you, as well. If yours is hanging with mine, there's trouble to be had! Love this tarot story! Thanks for your comment (and entry!) and I'm thinking that maybe he's got tarot and a spirit board mixed up! Regardless, sounds like the tarot is a beautiful part of your life. BB ~Runa
    • Runa Troy
      Michigan Maiden: Please check your email! Congratulations! You're the winner of our Country Dwellers Tarot Giveaway~!