Episode 6, Season 2 – Starting A Witch Controversy – October 13, 2018

Thanks for being patient while we got tech issues worked out. Here is our podcast, better late than never. And it’s a bit different than we normally do. However, we thought it was important to open dialogue about this subject. Take a listen and tell us what you think. 

This little kit caused quite a controversy. We think there’s a bit to do about nothing.

Hello all you wonderful Country Dwellers Pagan Podcast listeners. This week MareLin & Runa talk about their reaction to the Pinrose/Sephora Starter Witch Kit controversy. We think you’ll be surprised by what our reaction was to it.

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~MareLin & Runa

Comments ( 6 )

  1. Felicia Bryant
    As someone who was offended by this kit, I'd love the opportunity to express why.
    • Runa Troy
      The floor is yours...
  2. MareLin PNW HPriestess
    Felicia, I would love to hear your commentary. It is Always Wonderful to hear another's point of View.... That is what Communication is built on. Love and Light to you always, Sistar!! <3 MareLin PNW HPriestess
  3. Felicia
    I've tried typing this up so many times in so many different ways to try to express how this kit makes me feel, and why I felt disappointed when I first saw this kit. I can't. All I can say, is it feels demeaning. Like these women think being a witch is just owning sage, oils, crystals and a tarot deck. I don't know if they know what being a witch is or means, or what the lifestyle is like. But it's none of those things. Sure, it's fun and great to have all of those things - but they aren't necessary. Their choice of branding - "Starter Witch Kit" - sends a message to me that all I needed was to buy this kit to be able to call myself a witch. I'm sure a lot of people think I'm wasting my time feeling upset about it. Unfortunately, I'm a really sensitive person and seeing that society has seemingly reduced this lifestyle down to a kit being sold at Sephora, sent me into a bit of a depression lately and now I've been in a funk with my practice. I shouldn't care what everyone else thinks, but I do. That's been - and will be - my lifelong struggle. And yes, I bought the Silver Ravenwolf Teen Witch kit (which came with a comprehensive book) when it came out years ago. But I was already committed to being a witch, had already learned I was a pagan, and knew of the author. I'm going to end it here, because I'll just start talking in circles and it'll get really weird really quick.
    • Runa Troy
      It's okay to feel like this wasn't genuine. My thought was mostly that it opened a door that might be a hard door to find for some soon-to-be true witch/pagan/healer. Hope you feel better soon. Sending you positive, healing energy. Will light a candle tonight for you. <3 ~Runa
    • MareLin PNW HPriestess
      Felicia, Thank you so much for being brave enough to show your vulnerability and authenticity via our website. I hear what you are saying and I feel you! 1. I honestly do not believe that these ladies made this kit with any ill intent behind it. And, on top of that... I do not feel that they disrespect or think less of Witch/Wiccan/Pagan, etc.... especially due to their Immediate Response of Remorse for Offending. 2. I agree with you, the name should have been re-thought.... Like we should never call buying a cross.... Starter Christian Kit.... I get you! We do not know what brought them to this name though... 3. YOU ARE NEVER WASTING YOUR TIME BY VOICING YOUR TRUTH! No matter What your Opinion is... It is yours and you feel it... Voice It. (I thank you for the Honest and Open communication). 4. Being part of the Puget Sound Pagan Pride Org. I can tell you.... Society Has Not Reduced the lifestyle... It has been made a very strong Foundation... Getting Stronger Everyday by Souls that Come out of the Closet, Join together in Energy, etc..... Never Allow ANYONE to Take your Magick away, to take your Energy away... Especially over something that could potentially bring together more Brothers and Sisters to the Circle. The Strongest Magick comes from the Strength of Belief in Self, Belief in Purpose, Belief in the Light... 5.. If you think about it..... A dream, scent, herb, stone, etc. can lead a person to change their life, career, way of thinking, etc. We all begin our paths somewhere.... maybe that place could've been Sephora... Much love to you Sistar and Thank You for Sharing! <3 MareLin_PNW HPriestess