New Year, New Decade, New Country Dwellers

Merry Meet!

Wow, it’s been a long time since we’ve all been gathered around the hearth of our little cottage on the internet here. But we’ve done some new year clearing of the cobwebs, and put a fire in the hearth and we’re getting back to work.

When we took our little break in November of 2018, we thought we’d be back shortly; but the lives of MareLin and definitely Runa decided otherwise.

For many of us 2019 was one of Transition. It was all over the heavens from month to month — this rebirth and that retrograde and this change and that move. But we’re still here, stronger than ever, and ever-evolving, as the universe demands it.

Here we are at the dawn of a new year and a new decade and a new path forward for our beloved Country Dwellers community.

A weekly podcast is looking very different for us here in 2020 then it did back in 2017; but, we’re working back towards that. In the meantime we are going to be peppering the web site here, Anchor, Instagram, and Facebook with new casual #everydaymagick posts in the form of unedited videos. You’ll be getting your two favorite witches unfiltered and raw, so please forgive the lack of polish, or makeup as the case may be. For sure there will be solo videos from Runa (dubbed Solitary Shennanigans with Runa by MareLin) and solo videos from MareLin (dubbed Magick Moments with MareLin by Runa)…and then when the stars align and we can be together in one place, we’ll do some fun joint posts. All of these will be covering whatever is on our minds on our spiritual path and helping connect us with our larger community as well as one another.

If there’s a particular subject matter or a feature from the podcast you’d like one or both of us to cover or revisit, please comment here and let us know.

We’re hoping to re-instate our Pagan Connections efforts as well, so if you’re interested in being interviewed or know someone in the Country Dweller community whose story we should share, please let us know.   

You’ll see more blog posts here, because Runa will tell you constantly that nothing beats the written word for depth and detail, but there will be meditations and the like coming from MareLin. All of these efforts will be a regular smorgasbord of pagan pickings, if you will. We will still keep our goal of informing, discussing, and enjoyment with everything we provide here — all for your and our highest good.

Thanks again for pinging us on facebook and instagram and letting us know you missed us as we transitioned through the last year and found our way back to this circle of love we call Country Dwellers.

Blessed Be,

MareLin & Runa