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Season 3, Episode 5

A Call for Rain!

In this episode we talk about how much the #westcoastfires have impacted the pagan community. So we brew up some rain bottles and magic, our R3 focuses on how to help the wildlife in these fires and smoky air. We look at planetary influences, pull a tarot card and leave you with a spell. Leave a comment below how you call on the rain.

Rain Summoning Spell Jar:


Strawberry Moon Rain Water (or other moon water)

Glitter beads (or glitter if you allow it in your household 😉 )

Drop of Blue Food Coloring

Drop of clear dish soap

13 aquamarine stones

Sigil (for how and where you want rain)

Rain sounds


Add all the physical ingredients to jar while listening to rain sounds. Put the lid on. Seal with a kiss, while setting intention. Mark the sigil on the lid. Shake three times while repeating your intention out loud. Watch how the beads and stones emulate rain. Place rain jar on altar and burn a white tea light until it extinguishes on its own. Each morning visit your jar, shake three times and send your intention out to the universe. Keep on altar until enough rain falls.